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ARnpXuKqOFfKmOA (25.01.2013 09:56):
"To a greater extnet than most previous administrations, President Obama appears to be relying upon military rather than diplomatic personnel to make critical assessments and carry out foreign policy."A bald assertion w/ no supporting evidence."Though the details of the policy remained classified...."Begs the question. You assume that there isn't a good reason for keeping this classified and then merrily accuse the Obama administration for a lack of transparency."The continuing emergence of foreign-policy-via-prolonged internal infighting"Perhaps you would prefer the Obama administration to act precipitously, even dogmatically. Not me."what appears to be emerging is the image of a President who prefers to preside over internal debates rather than provide a specific, visualized structure of foreign policy"A "specific, visualized structure of foreign policy"--ah, you do prefer a dogmatic approach. That's not very pragmatic and flexible of you."Some would argue that President Obama's willingness to listen to divergent viewpoints is a strength"Indeed."But it also bespeaks an administration that chews over virtually every foreign policy decision so many times that the original situation may have already changed by the time it makes a decision."I say it bespeaks an administration that doesn't see almost every foreign policy concern in black and white terms. I happen to like that.It's a bit mystifying to me that what you perceive as a slowness to act isn't welcome to you. Why don't you see it as a hesitancy to intervene heavily in international affairs.

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